Rhonda Gregory Brent

Rather than wait for others to create an avenue to assist with aiding the needs of the underrepresented and underserved communities, she was inspired to find a solution to add value to what may be missing.


Rhonda has worked in the professional public sector for 36 years, financial services industry for eleven years, and CEO of a community-based nonprofit organization (I AM...).

As a professional and community advocate, she has witnessed the void in the dissemination of information to underserved/underrepresented communities. The lack of access to information is a contributing factor that halts the growth of certain communities as it relates to advancement in education, employment, health care, social services which often results in homelessness. Rhonda was inspired to find a solution to the lack of critical needs in these communities and founded a nonprofit, I AM… As a result of the pandemic, it is paramount that marginalized communities have access to resources to overcome food insecurity, receive adequate health care, obtain access to capital, affordable housing, homelessness prevention, suicide crisis intervention, etc.

I AM… is an organization that believes in an all-inclusive world, where everyone is important and should be free to express themselves. We support the LGBTQ+ community by offering services to homeless unaccompanied minors (no parent/guardian) and transition aged youth emancipating from foster care. We coordinate and distribute food, clothing, and hygiene products to homeless men, women, and children throughout various low-income communities. I AM… is a referral source for transitional/permanent housing for the homeless and provides various job and life skill programs to prevent homelessness

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