Owning a Piece of America

Highlighting the colorful immigrant population of the Los Angeles region.

The television program "Owning a Piece of America" aims to provide to a wide range of Californians three basic but essential components for what we believe will greatly contribute to the success of the community:

1.) Financial and consumer education, including small business development and housing issues;
2.) Lifestyle and health education; and
3.) Community and government relations.

Over the past years, the show reaches approximately 5 million viewers in California weekly, and is passionate in its efforts to continue serving California communities as the show takes on a brand new look. Because NDC's greatest cause is to equip communities to know more so that they may do more, Owning a Piece of America is the extension of the NDC's humble effort to serve families and individuals of all backgrounds into living their very best life.

Whether it be through credit counseling, HUD-approved mortgage counseling, referral to resources, fitness segments, and more, Owning a Piece of America brings in some of the nation's leading champions in economic growth and exists as a catalyst in advancing the social power of the communities it reaches.

Through this medium, our message impacts Owning a Piece of America viewers to act on their ideas and newly acquired knowledge to realize a piece of the American Dream.

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