CARE and FERA are PG&E discount programs that help eligible customers pay their energy bills. Over 1.4 million customers are receiving a bill discount through these two programs. Simply complete the online CARE/FERA enrollment form and we'll let you know if you're eligible. California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE). A monthly discount of 20% or more on gas and electricity. Participants qualify through income guidelines or if enrolled in certain public assistance programs.

Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA). A monthly discount of 18% on electricity only. Must be a household with three or more people. Participants qualify through income guidelines.

National Diversity Coalition COC #518
CARE – Discount on gas and electric rates
FERA – Discount on electric rates only for households of 3 or more people

Find out if you’re eligible by filling out the form below:

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