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The National Diversity Coalition holds in-person and virtual events regularly. From small virtual coffee break sessions to the larger town halls, we bring together stakeholders from government agencies and private partners to discuss and advocate for issues that matter to our constituency.

A Storytelling: Financial Literacy In The Eyes Of The Children  
The National Diversity Coalition (NDC) is planning to launch a Financial Literacy through storytelling with the former Chairwoman of FDIC, Sheila Bair in collaboration with Pastor Jack Miranda of The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership, Pastor Andre Chapple of African American Empowerment Coalition, Dr. Danny de Leon of Templo Calvario Community Development Corporation, and Robert Apodaca of 200 for Homeownership and the Island Pacific Supermarket.
The NDC recognizes a significant potential to impart knowledge on financial literacy, banking, inflation, and other pertinent subjects pertaining to the contemporary economic landscape to the youth. Education has to start at a very young age tailored to the comprehension level of the young children. At a young age, it is crucial to support young individuals in fostering a responsible and well-prepared mindset towards behavioral transformation in the context of financial literacy.
The event will be participated by Kindergarten to 5th Graders from charter schools, public, private schools, and Youth Ministry; Storytelling will also be live streamed to other locations.
The Storytelling will run for an hour and a half with an opportunity for audiences to pose reactions, leave comments, and ask questions. Streaming locations will be participated by community bank CRA officers, MDI, regional banks, as well as organizers of respective schools.
With that, we would like to know if you’re interested in participating in this event.
Please communicate with Ms. Faith Bautista at
(650) 892-8469
(858) 218-4432

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