Dennis Santiago

Specialties: advanced financial modeling and analytics, financial instrument design, political and regulatory analysis, strategic business architecture design, national policy analysis, asymmetric warfare


Dennis Santiago is a global risk and financial analyst. He presently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for financial innovation start-up Valshield Corporation. He is a published author on multiple online and print outlets and is a member of the Los Angles Press Club, Foreign Press Association, and Professional Outdoor Media Association.

In 2020, Dennis retired as the Senior Managing Director for Risk, Compliance and Analytics at Total Bank Solutions LLC, a provider of insured brokered deposit services to the brokerage and bank communities. Mr. Santiago was the founder and CEO of Lord Whalen LLC dba Institutional Risk Analytics where he invented of the Bank Monitor safety and soundness analytics system the produces “Shadow CAMELS” ratings used by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and adapted by the State of Ohio to manage the State’s pooled collateral risk program. Dennis also served as the Chief Technology Officer of publicly traded company Telescan, Inc. and as a Senior Vice President at Data Broadcasting Corporation where he developed mortgage backed securities models.
He has been active in serving the community since 1992 working with organizations including Rebuild LA, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office. In 2011, Dennis helped the City of Los Angeles design and enact its Responsible Banking Ordinance. In the 1980’s, Dennis was a nuclear warfare, weapons systems, and arms control analyst.

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