Pastor Andre Chapple

Can be best-described as the voice for this generation


He has a passion for change and the betterment of people. He is direct with a no holds barred approach yet offers practical steps to help restructure detrimental decisions for those that desire a better life.

Restoring love in relationships is a priority which lead him to launch the #LOVEMATTERS Movement. Family is number one in his life. He is a proud father of four incredible children. Andriene', Adryana, Andre Jr. (A.J) and Adrian.
• He nationally known motivational speaker/life coach in the field of love and relationships
• Senior Pastor at one Los Angeles’s and Atlanta’s most innovative and Thriving churches, The Answer City
• One of L.A.’s hottest Radio Personalities on Sunday nights- The Andre Chapple Radio Show
• A respected Author with his top selling books- Why Can’t I Get Married?, The Apology, 7 Steps to A Process Man and & Laws to Make Love Matter

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